The Future of Oil and Gas

In-Well Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Decarbonizing Offshore and Onshore Upstream Operations




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The Future of Oil and Gas

In-Well Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Decarbonizing Offshore and Onshore Upsteam Operations

IMARC Robotics offers a combination of software services and multi-agent (AI and Robotics) technology products to upstream Oil and Gas operating and service companies seeking to improve production and increase efficiencies while also lowering carbon footprint. The net results lead to increased profitability and lower carbon emissions. A win-win proposition.

In-Well Robots

  • For: Companies who want to reduce the carbon footprint of existing operations, reduce the costs of interventions by more than 50%, and increase profitability.
  • Who: need information and intervention and cannot log or afford to log extended reach and high-value wells.
  • Our: Lightweight autonomous in-well robot which can be transported in a helicopter or truck and operated by a crew aided by artificial intelligence.
  • Can be operated at a fraction of the cost of conventional conveyance methods to perform light interventions
  • Unlike coiled tubing, tractors, and drill pipe are not limited by friction, tool expansion, which are very expensive
  • We can perform the same work in thousands of extended reach and high-value wells for half the OPEX and a tenth of the CAPEX cost.

In Well Robotic Devices

In-Well Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Innovation Types

Performance Improvements (PI)

In-Well Robotics applications will bring realistically achievable improvements in-well productivity at a lower cost by automating as much of the process as possible while keeping the individual supervisor in charge. These improvements will be tailored to each market vertical to address the areas where the improvements create immediately discernable value (low-hanging fruit). The value in PI can be objectively forecasted and measured to determine the ROI for each contemplated investment in the use of the technology.

Innovations (I)

Innovative use of in-well AI robots to improve upon existing products in each market vertical can uniquely capture value for each company according to its specific needs. The use of AI enables the intelligent system to combine several functions of the value chain instead of single functions in a “stovepipe” approach. This expands the normal approach to logging, intervention, and diagnosis to include real-time analysis and decision-making during the functioning of the tools and conveyance of valuable information to other areas of the value chain. For example, the conveyance of information about gross production from all wells in a field can be conveyed to the trading department in a much quicker period so that transactions in the spot market can be more efficient.

New Paradigms (NP)

Things that IMARC Robotics can achieve that other companies in the market cannot do are New Paradigms. The use of AI and In-well robotics creates a new way of doing things that replaces the old way. The IMARC Robotics system enables wells to be managed in a new way. The most fundamental example of this is that robots can perform functions while production is taking place, creating profit, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint. Future robots will be “parked” in the well capturing real-time diagnostic data from which to make decisions either by an operator or the robot itself.

Attributes of Robotics in Production Optimization


  • In-well robot sensors collect data that needs interpretation.
  • On-board intelligence in the robot carries out the interpretation.
  • Logging gets data enables understanding.
  • Intervention tools manipulate and manage well hardware.
  • AI Optimization looks at data and recommends action.
  • Using AI and Taking Action (Data-Information-Knowledge-Action DIKA) in a relevant timeframe creates greater value.

The Future of Oil and Gas

In-Well Robots and Artificial Intelligence Offshore and Onshore


Increase Profits while Lowering Carbon Footprint

The major oil and gas companies, and all operating companies, have widely divergent roadmaps and have made different commitments on how to approach NetZero 2050. Hence the IMARC Robotics’ trademark, FIFTY SHADES OF GREEN™. Every corporation will be valued within the guidelines of FIFTY SHADES OF GREEN™ as they work with IMARC Robotics as their Agent to help Increase profits while lowering carbon footprint.

Many different stakeholders are emerging in the transition. There are demands by investors, board members, employees, and people throughout the world imploring companies to be the best shade of green they can while maintaining profitability and developing new methods to accelerate the transition while maintaining global economic growth.

The “shade of green” that a company adopts, communicates, and works towards with believable and demonstrable goals and audited success in lowering its carbon emissions will have a direct positive impact made to its market capitalization.

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