Multi-Agent System

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Multi Agent Systems (MAS) are used for coordinated defense systems in complex dynamic environments. These systems deal with operational problems that are extremely complex, require processing increasing data volumes, in dynamic environments, and that face trade-offs between competing priorities and differing optimization and solutions.

MAS are an easy to understand way of decomposing a complex system into smaller distributed systems of individual agents that have conflicting goals and compete for resources.

Multi-Agent Systems reach decisions that enable optimal solutions by conveying information to each agent and brokering a decision through collaborative and coordinated decision making.

At IMARC Robotics we believe that if the computer is to continue its evolution in assisting humans then it must be more than a massive number cruncher – it must be a true “thinking” partner. That is our vision, our mission. Below is a list of some of our partners we work with to help us achieve our mission in an efficient manner.

technology ARTICLES

Multi-Agent System

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Papers:

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Real Time Diagnostics of Gas Lift Systems Using Intelligent Agents: A Case Study

G. Stephenson, SPE, Occidental Petroleum Corporation; R. Molotkov, SPE, Weatherford; N. De Guzman, SPE
and L. Lafferty, SPE, Intelligent Agents Corporation

SPE 150285

Decision Support and Workflow Automation for the Development and Management of Hydrocarbon Assets Using Multi-Agent Systems

Amr S. El-Bakry, SPE, Michael C. Romer, SPE, ExxonMobil Production Company; Peng Xu, Anantha Sundaram, and Adam K. Usadi, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering; H. Lane Morehead, SPE, ExxonMobil Upstream Research; Mark L. Crawford, SPE, Bryce A. Holloway, and Charles A. Knight, ExxonMobil Information Technology

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