The Digital Revolution has been going on for many years. Taking the best action on a timely basis requires much greater productivity from analysts. Our agents understand all factors for optimization.



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IMARC Robotics Industries

In-Well Robots & Artificial Intelligence Applications – Decarbonizing the Energy Industry

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Oil & Gas

We have built Intelligent Agents for our customers

  • Production Management
  • Drilling
  • Autonomous in-well Robots

Clean Energy

We have built Intelligent Agents for our customers

  • Carbon Reduction
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Production Management

IMARC Industries

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There is no doubt that the Legal Industry has been facing great changes that demand a new business model. We will help you take advantage of these changes to make your law firm more profitable.
Finance & Insurance

Financial institutions should expect automate their business processes and gain business intelligence from their data as integration process  of their data takes place.


AI offers a number of advantages over traditional analytics and clinical decision-making techniques for decision making  and accuracy into diagnostics, care processes, treatment variability, and patient outcomes.


  • Computer Forensics
  • Security Maturity Quantification
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Insurance Analysis



Taking the Best Action on a Timely Basis

This requires much greater Productivity from Analysts

We can solve The Analyst Dilemma

Analysts can never succeed alone.

The painful reality is that most analysts do not really know what is going on until it is too late to take the best action. There’s simply too much data, too few people, and precious little time to do the thorough analysis required for maintaining consistent understanding to make the best decisions.

The Analyst Solution requires AI.

The reality is that analysts are professionals whose future is threatened by AI.  Salvation is linked to AI.

There’s too much to do.

Analysis of events and management of appropriate action is a simple process in principle:  gather data, filter the data to identify abnormalities, then analyze the bad conditions, determine the proper remedial action, and take corrective action.  These steps take skill, time, and resources. Just determining what to do can take several hours per event from an experience analyst.

The Analyst Needs an Associate.

The selection of the proper strategy for AI in the organization is one that supports the human analysts in the performance of his function.



Industry Similarities

This is your Elevator Speech

We can solve The Analyst Dilemma

For: Individuals (C-VP-CIO-IT-Operator) responsible for analysis (of important Assets) of the corporation. (Customers, Productivity).

Our: Intelligent Agents will provide greater awareness of the situation and enable a much more rapid response than is possible today.

That: A system of communicating and collaborating intelligent agents integrates the output of the individual knowledge of each Agent after each agent processes data, invokes models, diagnoses conditions, makes and explains recommendations.

That: Intelligently deal with massive amounts of data in dynamic environments and quickly respond with clock speedapprthe opriate action.

Unlike: Existing systems whose capacities do not enable event recognition, timely response, and cannot prevent significant inefficiencies.

Our Agents recognize abnormal activity on a timely basis within the clock-speed and determine optimal action.


The Digital Revolution has been going on for many years


We’re at the forefront of a major wave of cognitive automation that is disruptive and transformational, and allows clients to radically improve business processes and make better informed business decisions.

Incumbents in Consulting, Accounting, and law are faced with structural changes as the digital economy – giving birth to different business models – disintermediating the industry value chains.

Intelligent agent systems will Change the way we do things by embedding intelligence in products and services, creating new sources of income, and reducing operating costs. Intelligent Agents (IA) will be the future of the Digital revolution.

We build Intelligent Agents to make our customers more competitive and profitable.

products and services

A Holistic Approach: Bespoke and Differentiation

Our Agents understand all factors for optimization of the whole

Multi-Agent Systems
are used in complex dynamic environments. The systems deal with operational problems that are extremely complex, require processing increasing data volumes, in dynamic environments.
Agents face trade-offs
Mitigate between competing priorities and differing optimization and solutions.
Multi-Agent Systems understand the situations
They decomposing a complex system into smaller distributed systems of individual agents that have conflicting goals and compete for resources.
Multi-Agent Systems reach decisions
Agents enable optimal solutions by conveying information to each agent and brokering a decision through collaborative and coordinated decision making.


Bespoke Knowhow and Patents

IMARC has patents issued, and pending for a new methodology based on prior patents granted to IMARC management for the use of artificial intelligence, described as Intelligent Agents or Intelligent Avatars, to automate surveillance and Multi-Agent Systems for Applications in Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Legal, Finance-Insurance, and Security.

We provide intellectual property across many areas and industries:

  • Production Management and Intervention and Autonomous Robots
  • Avatars of Individuals and Corporations
  • Training
  • Method and Apparatus for Using Machine Learning to Create Intelligent Software Avatar Agents Representing Individual Entities or Virtual People
  • Multi-Agent Systems in Health Care, Security, Legal, Insurance