About Us 

We use artificial intelligence and robotics to help Oil & Gas companies throughout the world achieve their green objectives in terms of reduced carbon footprint in operations while increasing profitability.



Our Story


Increase Profits while Lowering Carbon Footprint

IMARC Robotics is an established technology provider for the energy industry that will enable more elegant solutions than those used at present, many of which have not changed in 50 years. IMARC Robotics and its principals have been working in the Oil & Gas industry for more than 35 years with past strategic alliances with Baker Hughes, BP, Shell, and other companies developing bespoke AI and Robotics tools and applications. Our development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics based products and services will contribute to the success of any company in the oil and gas industry.

IMARC Robotics’ products can assist oil and gas companies as part of their overall roadmap towards Net Zero by 2050. Each company will be different, hence the Fifty Shades of Green ™. Applications of AI and robotic technology to both oil and gas operations can lower emissions and increase efficiency and thus profitability. In the case of gas operations, there is an added option to use gas to produce carbon-free fuel by directing the gas into the chain for the production of zero-carbon Blue Hydrogen.

Our History

Intelligent Multi Agent Robotic Corporation & IMARC Robotics, Inc.

Intelligent Multi-Agent Robotic Corporation (IMARC) was established in November 2018 to explore applications of AI and Robotics in the Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Security, Finance and Insurance, and Legal industries.

The primary mission of IMARC is to invent, build, and deploy intelligent agent systems that create a competitive advantage for customers. The vision is to help enterprises use bespoke Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create differentiated products and services from their competitors and to define a custom strategy in order to use artificial intelligence in the most profitable manner for their organization.

IMARC controls the rights to and has patents issued, and pending, with respect to technology the company believes will revolutionize the way the Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Security, Finance and Insurance, and Legal industries approach the future. IMARC is developing intelligent software systems that can be used to reduce operational costs, increase the existing productivity of providers, and deliver better quality products and services.

IMARC, and its individuals and affiliated companies are recognized leaders in the development of intelligent systems in the Oil & Gas industry, Department of Defense, and other industries, where they have a proven record of developing and deploying intelligent agents.

IMARC Robotics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Intelligent Multi-Agent Robotic Corporation (IMARC), was created in November 2021.

The first initiative for IMARC Robotics was to further extend the AI and robotic services of IMARC in order to lessen the economic and environmental impacts on the oil and gas industry.

IMARC Robotics offers a combination of software services and multi-agent (AI and Robotics) technology products to upstream Oil and Gas operating and service companies seeking to improve production and maintenance efficiencies. The net results can be both increased profitability and lower carbon emissions. A win-win proposition.

IMARC Robotics, Inc. supports the following mission, vision, and values:

  • MISSION: Our mission is to develop new paradigms in artificial intelligence and robotics products that increase profits and lower carbon footprint of existing and future operations.
  • VISION: Our vision is to help Oil and Gas companies throughout the world achieve their green objectives in terms of reduced carbon footprint in their operations while increasing profitability.
  • VALUES: We value our customers, employees, stockholders, and the societies in which we operate. We operate with respect, integrity, boldness, trust, accountability, commitment to customers, passion, honesty, and adherence to ESG principles.

Customer Benefits

We will make you more profitable while reducing carbon footprint

Every corporation will be valued within the guidelines FIFTY SHADES OF GREEN™ as they work with IMARC Robotics as the Agent to help increase profits while reducing carbon footprint.

Here’s how we ensure success:

  • Speed to deployment against competition
  • Differentiation against competition
  • Portfolio Approach to maximize ROI
  • Investment Alternatives focused on Performance Improvements (PI), Innovation (I), and New Paradigms (NP)
  • Trusted Third Party Management of the Adoption of Innovation (MADI)
  • Exclusivity in the Field of Use