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Our Artificial Intelligence enabled Robots empower us to quickly and efficiently monitor and diagnose gas lifted wells to increase customer profitability.



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Customer Projects

in Artificial Intelligence

Our Customer’s Business Objectives will be supported and enhanced with our intelligent Systems.

We are a pioneer in the building artificial intelligence systems.

We have developed proprietary technology and a suite of tools to efficiently build these intelligent systems.

Our systems diagnose problems, recommend solutions and take action when appropriate, explain the reasons for the recommendations in both technical and economic terms.

Our agent-based cognitive approach keeps that human in charge and creates great productivity enhancements.

How Does It Work?

Customer Projects in Artificial Intelligence

Bespoke Competitive Advantage and Trusted Third Party


More than thirty years ago, we began building products that could deal with massive amounts of data with decisions required in a time frame that provide a competitive advantage for the department of defense.

Today, we use our intellectual property, patents, and know-how to create and build Artificial Intelligence Products that will give our customers a sustainable competitive advantage.

However, it is extremely difficult to make the changes needed to take advantage of the innovation brought about by artificial intelligence without a very careful plan implemented with the help of a Trusted Third Party. We provide a method to Manage the Adoption of Innovative technology.


  • Cases Prescient DNA (use existing material) as a use case.
  • Finance Description for middle-tier mutual fund insurance companies that are judged by 1-2 points above up or down performance of the market.